It’s an Etsy Christmas – Stocking Stuffers


I am always on the hunt for little extra gifts for people around this time and today I have come across a great handful of items that I will be looking at getting as add on gifts.
All of the items in this post are between $10 and $20 so are good for the budget as well.

Remember to click on the photos to find the sellers.

I dont know about anyone else but I find it really hard buying gifts for guys. Generally mens gifts dont interest me but today I found Whimsy and Dink and I have been converted. Love their flask designs and the prices are great!

This ipod/iphone cover shown is another that would work for the guys but just check out Sea Side Sew and you will see so many for the girls as well.

So completely and totally in love with the wristlets by Noonew! I dont know if anyone else I know would appreciate the mismatched designs but will see 🙂

Its bed time for me but part 2 of the stocking stuffers will be tomorrow.


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