A simple weekend.

I have the weekend to myself since the husband is back at work again (well I will see him at night)
Lets just say though the most exciting thing this weekend will be that I finally got rid of the dodgy god knows how old purple toilet seat and replaced it with a beautiful white new toilet seat… It doesnt take much to excite me though.

The vege garden has gone a bit wild.

This morning after a lazy breakfast I popped down to the vege garden to do a bit of a clean up. The lettuces have gone to seed so out most of them have come, I could not pull them all out because I had so many bees and I felt so bad taking their flowers away. The zucchini and squash have not taken off as well as they did last year but they are now in a new area and we have had a mountain of rain which did hit them hard but have just cleaned up the worst of the leaves and found that we do have a fair few little ones in there so fingers crossed they start to beef up a bit.
The artichokes and pumpkins have really taken off which is great to see and there are a heap of baby pumpkins already.

Harvet time.

Had thought from all the rain that our beans had been lost and gone forever but after some hunting I found some massive stashes on my tiny little bean bushes! Also pulled out all but 2 of my red shallots so its been a very green harvest today.

So do you have a vege garden at your place? What do you most like to grow and what grows best for you?


One thought on “A simple weekend.

  1. LOL that purple toilet seat must have been a shocker!

    We don’t have a vege patch here unfortunately. I’d like one though. I’m thinking I’ll start a vege garden in pots. I really want to grow tomatoes.

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