Lazy Sunday Afternoon…

Well we had to have a lazy point at some time this weekend.
Yesterday afternoon my lovely sister gave me a ring saying that she and her hubby would be heading to our place and probably crashing the night! Cue massive house cleaning blitz and attempting to find our spare bed under all of our clothes as well as toilet scrubbing etc etc
Our place is never really set for drop in visitors because honestly no one ever just drops in on us since we are so far away from everyone. Visiting us is usually seen as a day trip by most people.

One of our beautiful roses popped open a flower this weekend

Having sister and brother in law her this weekend though has made me realise I do miss having people pop in for a visit on the weekends even though I may say that I am happy to spend the time on my own really I am not. It also gets a bit annoying sometimes when we are told we live so far away or that we are stupid for traveling SOooo far to work each day. In all honesty my work is about 25mins drive away and then hubby drives for another 45 – 60mins depending on traffic. We would not give up where we live for anything because each day on the way home we still get that instant relax once we hit the mountain and each morning when I look outside and see that amazing view it still takes my breath away.

So back to our lazy Sunday. After a non lazy load up the car with rubbish for the dump we headed to the North Pine Country Markets for the first time in over a year. Have to say the markets have really improved from when we were there last. Sister and I grew up going to those markets so often and they were great for so many years and then they started to fall apart and the last time we went it was really just a waste of time. Today though was great. A lot more stalls have opened up beside the long term ones and the place is buzzing again.
If you havent been to the North Pine Country Markets or its been a while I would say now is the time to visit.

The husband enjoying his breakfast roll in the food hall. Was very impressed with me taking his photo.

Oh and if you do head for a drive to the markets keep going and head up Mount Mee but give me a few hours notice to do another speed clean 🙂


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