Self help with a bit of a push.

My little sister has recently motivated me to get some info from Jenny Craig so Tuesday next week thats just what I will be doing. The little sister has been doing really well and has had losses already so this has motivated me to at least have a chat with them to find out costs etc.
The husband and I are also going to check out a local 24hr gym (well local to where I work not to our home) since we are out of the house for such long periods of time. We have been thinking that this might be more of a motivation for us both since he has been having problems getting up the in mornings to go for his run. Bonus is this place does not have locked in contracts so its another option to look at.

Sometimes I wish life we just a whole lot easier. That to get what we need and want was a lot easier.
I know that life is not meant to be easy but at times it would be nice if it was.
What I am grateful for is that I have the husband to support me and my wonderful sister to give me that push.

Just to go off on another of my tangents I wanted to have a chat about my sister.
Growing up we were both very different people and I felt I was always the one left behind since she was so wonderful and popular and pretty. Even as the older sister I always felt like I was 2 steps behind her and for so long I hated this.
Over the last few years I have understood our differences a bit more and love how much closer we have become as well. Also over the last few years and more recent as well I have realised really how alike we are as well just in different ways if that makes sense.
So now that I am all teary and sentimental I will sign off and send best wishes to my beautiful little sister and hope that she gets everything that she dreams for in life.


One thought on “Self help with a bit of a push.

  1. Diz I Love You…..
    I couldn’t of asked for a better older sister, you are such an amazing person who deserves the world.. I love you more then words can say..
    Love your lil sis

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