Postal Joy

Does anyone else get that little bit of happy anxiety when checking the real letter box (you know that one outside the house not on the computer) and then the excitement when there is something other than junk or bills?
My husband is sure that I buy so many things online just so that I can get that letter box rush because of course its not due to my etsy addiction πŸ˜‰
So since there is this thrill that people get when the postie puts real mail in their letter box why dont we write letters as much anymore?
Personally I really do want to put pen to beautiful paper (etsy of course) and send letters but I dont know what to write and worry that the receiver would think I was weird for sending an out of the blue letter.
How do you start a first letter? Is there a letter etiquette? How much is to much? So many questions but still the main hold up is the thought that there will not be a response.
I have never been a fan of emails and at work will call someone to discuss rather than try to explain myself on a screen. Even with friends I am hopeless at keeping contact with emails and am forever appologising to people for not emailing, messaging or even replying on facebook for that matter. With friends though I just never feel right giving them a call either because of that worry that they might be busy or not in the mood to talk or just dont want to talk to me lol Yes I am full of a fair bit of self doubt πŸ™‚

As we can see this entry has gone off on a bit of a tangent but in short its about letter writing of the old fashioned style.
Do you have someone you share letters with?
Would you be someone who like to receive random letter goodness?


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