Once Again…

So once again it has been a while between posts. Life just gets in the way and then it gets hard to start again.
But I am back .
Today is a busy day for me. Have a tonne of baking to get done for the week for our lunches and also want to reorganise our kitchen as well.
Will just leave some pics for the moment since I have to get started and the last time I posted I promised som pictures 🙂

View from hotel room on the Gold Coast

A bit of breakfast at Currumbin Sanctuary

Could really live in this place floating on the Noosa River

Beautiful sunsets

Met some pretty piggies... And their wonderful owners 🙂

Played some drunken Monopoly with people we love

Off to start cleaning and get some bread in the oven so will be back later with a new Etsy Love and maybe some baking photos.

Oh and you will notice the blog has had a bit of a change… What do you think?


One thought on “Once Again…

  1. Looks great the new blog Liz, wonderful photos and I look forward to seeing you blog some more. Reminds me I should do mine its been over a year.

    Love Always

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