Halfway post

I was wanting to update with some photos today but presently our internet is beyond slow so instead I thought I should do a mini update on my 30 Before 30 since some can be crossed off.

1. Lose 10kg
2. Stay at a 5 star hotel So far there has been the Sebel, Gold Coast International and on Monday for our anniversary we are staying at the Sheraton Noosa which is very exciting.
3. Get my driver’s licence
4. Buy our dream bed
5. Have a stall at local markets
6. Learn another language – This has been started and I am learning French via podcasts
7. Organise my clothes Today hubby and I pulled everything apart and have now folded and hung almost everything and its almost all put away and looking lovely
8. Visit GOMA This was a let down since the only real exhibit was the Valentino one and almost everything else was closed… We did however go to the QLD Art Gallery and the QLD Museum which made up for this
9. Go horse riding again
10. Learn to cook 10 new dishes – This has been started as well and tonights is Roasted Whole Duck with Celeriac mash and HM Aoli
11. Have a date night with Husband at least once a month
12. Take a photo a day for a month
13. Write a letter a month – Will be writing my first letter tomorrow
14. Re-establish vegetable garden
15. Visit an island off Brisbane
16. Go on a ghost tour
17. Dine at a fine dining restaurant Oh my goodness if you have never been to Rock Salt on the Gold Coast you are missing out. Completely amazing and we are already counting down the time before we can go back again.
18. Frame the artwork that sitting around
19. Fill the frames that I keep buying with photos
20. Find a perfect 2yr anniversary present for my husband
21. Spend more time with the local ladies
22. Go one month without buying unnecessary things
23. Organise to speak to someone about my “issues”
24. Finish my sewing projects
25. Catch up with Brisbane friends more often
26. Visit family more often
27. Take the boys for a walk at least once a week
28. Teach the boys one new trick each
29. See a ballet in the city
30. Get a BFP

Tomorrow I should have better speeds on the internet so will do a proper post with some pretty photos.


3 thoughts on “Halfway post

  1. I will see a ballet with you. its been a long time since I have seen one. We can get dressed up too 😉

    I shall organise a UFO’s (unfinished Objects) sewing project weekend, there a few a friends who, like us, never finish things or start news ones. They are after all Works in Progress (WIP’s)

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