Holiday almost here.

Getting very excited because the husband and I start our holidays next weekend!
Just have 4 days of work to get through before we can have a relaxing 2 weeks together to reconnect and celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

The holiday line up is slowly coming together but still have lots of empty days they we dont know how to fill as yet so more ideas for inexpensive days would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday 14th
• Baby K and M wedding
Sunday 15th
Monday 16th
• Night at Stone Haven Manor Mt Tamborine
• Explore Mt Tamborine. Wineries, lunch, hunting glow worms etc
Tuesday 17th
• Currumbin Sanctuary
Wednesday 18th
Thursday 19th
• Hospital appointment 8:30am
Friday 20th
Saturday 21st
Sunday 22nd
Monday 23rd
• Anniversary – Still need accommodation and dinner plans
Tuesday 24th
Wednesday 25th
Thursday 26th
• Haunted Brisbane Tour 7:30pm Visitor Information Centre QSM Book: Online $25/person
Friday 27th
Saturday 28th
Sunday 29th

Really it does not look like a lot at all 😦 I do need to add in there some work around the house such as the vege garden etc (yes boring I know but will need to be done) But that at least will mean a shopping trip to Bunnings or other nursery
We are trying to keep any touristy visits to week days to try and avoid extra people as well.

Think I might try and revamp the blog as well because I am not liking the look of it right now… Anyone feel like lending a helping hand at all lol

Photo appropriately called Freedom

Photo appropriately called Freedom

This will be the longest week of course now… 5 sleeps and counting!


One thought on “Holiday almost here.

  1. It sounds very exciting!! You lucky things 🙂
    I don’t really know the area down there but Australia Zoo is awesome if you are going that far.

    I’d love to help you re-vamp your blog but I am not really familiar with wordpress. I know how to do it all on blogspot lol.

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