Something New

Few new things have been going on around the W-B household.

New Holidays: Hubby and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in August so we have been tossing up many ideas which were going to be a trip south to visit friends and see the sights since I have not been any further south than Canberra. Well the logistics of a trip that far have not worked out with the fur children so we have made new plans. Now we will be exploring Brisbane and surrounds with a few random nights away. I have lived in Brisbane all my life (well and the Sunny Coast as well) and there are so many things I have not done and places I have not been. So on the cards is a trip to St Helena Island and a few other islands in the Bay, Ghost Tours, meal on the Kookaburra Queen and a trip down to Currumbin Sanctuary since Steve has never been there. Also planned is a night in a 5star hotel in Brisbane which I am very excited about but still do not know which restaurant we should go to for dinner that night.

New Motivation: I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I was looking for a new bracelet to help with motivation. Well readers I have found one and it’s currently on its way from Nevada, Iowa and I can not wait to have it here. So of course there is a photo, it’s not however how it will look when I get it since instead of the E I have requested it to have babies feet stamped onto it.

New Toys: We have a few new toys to buy shortly but also we already have one πŸ™‚ Hubby and I picked up a Nintendo DSi XL along with some games including an old school Super Mario game. Now the reasoning behind this is because I spend a lot of time waiting around for hubby since he picks me up from work at around 6:30 and I finish work at 4:30. Now I could just wander around the shops spending money or hang around at work and get things done (without pay) but now I have a third option for when I am just not in the mood to read. Hubby can also use it when he is waiting around for me as well so its win win.
We also have plans for a new laptop for me which will more than likely be the Samsung N110 and also a new camera that we still need to research a lot more.

So that is what has been going on in our world lately. Throw in some illness and general boring life and that’s it.

Now readers, I have 2 questions…
1. If you are a Brisbanite or if you know Brisbane what restaurant in the CBD or surrounds would you go to for a very special romantic night?
2. What romantic things can you suggest either for the hotel stay or for other ideas for our holiday?

Will be back shortly with a new Etsy Love post as well.


One thought on “Something New

  1. Oh that is a pretty bracelet. I think the footprint idea is fantastic.
    I wanted a DS a few years ago but ended up with a PSP because the screen was bigger. I’m a bit peeved now that you can buy the DS XL.. now I want one again but it isn’t going to happen hahaha!

    It sounds like you are going to have an awesome holiday. We won’t be doing much for ours as we have to go to a wedding in Brisvegas in October.

    I haven’t been to Brisbane often so can’t help with the first question.
    Second one… when we stay in the ‘flash hotels’ as my DH calls them (LOL) we order room service πŸ˜‰ Its great if there is a spa in the room as well. Nothing beats chilling out in a spa with a bottle of wine.

    I also highly suggest beach walks with no shoes… or sunset/sunrise viewing from the sand. I am not really knowledgeable on the whole romance thing. Our idea of romance is snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie or the NRL haha! Although in saying that while hubby was away the other month he sent me flowers for no reason at all.

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