Country Randomness

Its freezing freezing freezing tonight and its very difficult to type or do anything away from the doona.
So there wont be many words from me but instead photos from the weekend.
It was a random weekend of beauty and craziness.

Thomas before haircut...

Thomas half way through a haircut... thats as far as we got because he was being to nutting to have the scissors near him.

Both my beautiful boys


3 thoughts on “Country Randomness

  1. It is so pretty where you live! You are one lucky lady!

    Haha @ Thomas! Cheeky devil. I just finished clipping my guys back. I am glad I am not the only one doing it in winter. Their hair was horrid. I am lucky though… mine will let me near them with the clippers. One of them is a PITA to do, but the other one comes running up and jumps into the clam ready for his to be done.

  2. We are so lucky to be living here 🙂

    Thomas is a nutter. His legs and belly are still not finished but must get that done this weekend. We cant use clippers on him (even the $100 ones I bought then had to take back) because of his terrible moodle *shudder* hair. Cutting hair is a clam is a GREAT idea though… would be better than having white hair going everywhere lol

  3. Oh yeah it is so handy. All I do is then scoop it all into a bag and throw it in the bin.

    We had a lot of trouble finding clippers. I ended up paying $400 (shock horror) for a pair. DH ordered them through work as he works in a rural merchandise company.I broke 2 pairs of those Andis clippers that are like $100 from Big W before these ones. I got the Oster Golden A5 clippers with the metal blades. You can get blades to even use them on a horse so they are proper heavy duty. They have paid for themselves over and over.
    I am no good with scissors. I always end up cutting more then just hair.

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