Welcome to the world

On Friday a wonderful friend of mine brought into the world her long awaited baby. Her little boy has been a long time coming and having her dream come true fills me with hope as well. Have been a bit teary since she had him and was very upset that I woke up unwell yesterday because our other friend and I were going to go see her and meet the little man.
Just wish it would be our turn soon.

To honour Baby D coming into the world of course I have found some wonderful things I would like to get him from etsy!

How adorable and the price! This one may already be in my shopping cart...

Elvis the Bunny by The Freckled Elephant. Loving this. But is it not suitable for a baby? Would love to pop this straight into my cart but uncertain.

There are so many other things I have found that I love but now can not decide. Am stuck looking at the quilts and blankets right now and there are just far to many that I would like to get… lucky there are lots of babies around and on the way right now 🙂

Will be back a bit later with another entry I think. Baking and house work is call me. Should also do a work out on the wii as well.

*remember to click the photos to go to the stores*


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the world

  1. What is the link for that gorgeous hat? I clicked on the picture but it said the link wasn’t correct.

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