Etsy Love

Last night I decided that I needed a bracelet to help keep me motivated and remind me to keep going with the weight loss. Now I dont normally wear bracelets so really do not know what I want.
Etsy has a wonderful resource called Alchemy, you make an “ad” and sellers contact you offering their services. I have used this before when I had my Owl cushion made for me by a lovely lady in Spain. So last night I placed an ad so I am now working out which persons work I like or if I prefer one of the ones I have found.

So because it cant be etsy love without photos here are some of the recent items I do love.
Bit of a green theme tonight.

Sterling Silver and Aventurine Bangle by Red Bird Jewellery

Brigit - a sage hydrangea and butterfly crown by Gardens of Whimsy

The Trellis Net Headband by Miss Indie

Vintage Woodland Fawn Bookends - Am struggling to not buy these right NOW So so want

So thats the etsy love for tonight. Need to get back to doing some work.



2 thoughts on “Etsy Love

  1. Oh how did you find my blog?
    I adore your bracelet and am just working my way to buy from you 🙂

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