As many people know hubby and I are looking at fertility treatment so that we could maybe be blessed with a child one day. The problem is mainly with me and my dodgy ovaries as I have PCOS and also dont tend to ovulate. The big thing (pun intended) stoping us from getting treatment is my weight. Our specialist has said that I need to lose 60kg before he will start treatments. Losing the weight though is easier said than done when its been like this since I was 7 after something happened in my life. Thats 22yrs of fat I am trying to get off my body.
Part of the weight loss plan is rewards. Now I havent been keeping up with my rewards idea because I just dont know what to have as rewards. The 5kg marks I have set and these will mainly be purchases from etsy but its the 10kg ones that I am uncertain about.

So I do need ideas on what I could have.
5kg *done*
10kg New hair do. *done*
15kg Colourful cactus and birds print
20kg …
25kg Sunny summer peony headband
30kg …
35kg …
40kg …
45kg Girl on a swing necklace
50kg Trash the dress photo session
55kg Alice pocket dress
60kg …

So as we can see I have some blanks in there and I really need the help at filling those in, just making the list properly has remotivated me.

Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Rewards

  1. You go girl! You can do it πŸ™‚

    Somewhere in there you are going to have to put in new wardrobe!!!
    What else? ummm… have a look around it is fantastic, you might find something you love on there.
    Perhaps a holiday at some stage? Or a pamper session if you are into those kinds of things?

  2. New wardrobe! Why didnt I think of that. That will be my final mark of 60kg I think although I think I will need new clothes before then lol
    Will have to look on madeit. Have never found as much on there that I love like etsy though lol

  3. haha I can’t believe you forgot that one!!

    I’m on madeit with a couple of cards.. just testing the water. No luck so far though. Oh well πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there! I really relate to what you are going through… I have my own blog on my struggle with weight and PCOS. Check it out! Amanda πŸ™‚

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