Meal Planning

This week I decided that we should start to try and save some more money and with that do up a meal plan to help get the grocery bill down a bit.
Well the meal plan worked but the save money side didnt because we ended up buying some bulk items which threw the price up by $100. Yes in the long run it is a saving but it was not how I wanted.

So our meal plan took a bit to get together because I do like to create and make our dinners rather than just meat and 3 veg which is what I grew up on.
Last nights meal was one of our faves.
French Onion Soup
This soup is so lovely and warming and perfect for a meat free meal. The flavour can be a bit “dull” but with enough thyme and seasoning its just fine. Served with the cheese croutons as it says or like we did with garlic bread it really finishes the soup off nicely.

Tonight I am still up in the air about which to cook. We have a choice of several things and all sound great.
Pork and apple cider casserole with sage dumplings
Beef and guiness pie
Creamy Beef and Eschalot Casserole Served with a sweet potato and balsamic vinegar mash
Fish Pot Pie

And of course now I just realise that we didnt buy any apple cider yesterday and also no smoked cod so that puts 2 of the meals on hold.
I think the final choice will be the Creamy Beef and Eschalot Casserole.

For our lunches I will be making some Chicken and sweet corn pies as well as some other pork pies since I bought some meat on special yesterday. I am hopeing that the pies will store well in the freezer and be a great warming and somewhat healthy lunch idea.

Oh and I nearly forgot! We are also having a lovely desert one night of Vanilla, Pear and Mixed Berry Crumbles which I will probably do for tonight or tomorrow night.
Will be making sure I take pics of the meals.

Am ready for something yummy and warm to eat right now.


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