Blogs Blogs Blogs

It seems nowadays that every man and his dog has a blog (even the organisation I work for has a blog) and there are more blog types than you can poke a stick at.
I have been thinking that I dont know what my blog is. Yes I have another blog that is used for a totally different purpose and that I do not relate to this one but what is this one?
Back in the days I used to have a livejournal (actually it is still active) which I used constantly much like a diary and it hold so many things about me and my history.
Why do people have blogs? Is it really just a place to write things down and show things or is it that they now hope that it may bring them some fame?

I guess once again I have a useless post about my own brain farts and splutters.
Lets see pretty things instead lol
Am having a hand obsession tonight.


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