Etsy love

Well its been a while yet again since I showed my poor blog any love so am back now with some etsy love finds!
Click the photos to be taken to the etsy stores.

Autumn Kiss Paper Cut Necklace

I have been lusting after Tina’s work for some time and my sister was lucky enough to get this necklace for christmas from me last year. Now just need to decide which one to get for myself.

Beautiful Bluebirds

A few months ago I found Vespertine Cafe and fell in love with 3 little white birds that then came to live with me. Now I find she has these little lovelies in blue as well so very soon I think some will have to come and join the white birds.

Paper Flower Collage with pretty vase

Pretty Random Objects is just that. Joanna Mendicino has some completely beautiful pottery and also beautiful paper flowers that are nothing like the ones I remember my mum doing many years ago.

Mustard, Clementine, Aqua and Mint Yarn Wreath

Now wreaths are not such a common thing here is Australia but I am wondering if the wreaths from Knock Knocking could change that. So pretty and so different but I am still trying to work out how I can convince the husband that I must have one!


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