When it rains it pours.

And aint that the truth!
Its been raining non stop here for about 2 weeks and I have just about been sent insane from it all.
All the rain however has made me decide on our next big purchase which is going to be a new washer (since ours has been dying for the past 3 yrs) and also a dryer. I do realise that once I have made the dryer purchase then the rain will go away and not come back but I will take that risk.
The other problem with all the rain is that our vegetable garden has been ruined. It seems that one of our water tanks when overflows runs straight through to our garden. Now this would be good is we were not having so much rain but at present the yard is a swamp and most of my plants have been washed away 😦
I cant even bring myself to take a photo of what it currently looks like but I did take a photo a few days ago while it was all flooding.
We have discovered in recent weeks though that our property seems to be a haven and breeding grounds for so many different types of frogs. We get the massive (I am talking size of your hand) green tree frogs, plus many other types that we do not know. There were some tiny ones on our back deck last night which shows us that they are breeding as well.


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