Jelly Bellys make all things better.

Generally I dont like February and I am not sure why.
Well I have an inclination which relates to the one really major thing that happened in my life but i would have thought the other good things would help make up for that.
So February brings Valentines day, my birthday and also the anniversary of when my husband and I met.
My darling husband is really not the best at picking thoughtful gifts so this year I gave him a hand 🙂

My beautiful valentines gift

My very sweet birthday present which is now above our bed.

As many people know, husband and I have been seeing a fertility specialist but so far there has not been much good news. He is happy with my weight loss but we are having to do many more tests and its really becoming very hard for the both of us.
I have been wondering about what would happen if it never does happen?
We really much go back to our plan of fostering because I feel like there is a massive hole in my life that only a child can fill.


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