Lifes hard when you are a dog.

Poor little muchkin had a hard day of barking at the cows and the neighbours driving past and the birds and digging up mummys lettuce so was not able to hold his head up to watch for his dad coming home.

Its one of those days today when I had lots of plans to get things done such as my washing and cleaning up the quails cage but of course it is bucketing down outside. Just over a month ago everything was dead and brown up here but now its its an amazing splash of green.
With all the dry we were also running out of water so our poor vegetable garden was having to fend for itself because we just couldnt afford to get more water brought in. Now the tanks are overflowing and the garden really is looking amazing. I really am in awe of how something as beautiful as the sunflower I now have flowering was once a tiny seed that I put into the ground.


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