A time for change.

As usual its been a while between posts for me.

So much has happened since I was last here and I do not even know where to start with updating.

I guess the most life changing was that Husband and I have now moved house. Now dont go worrying that we are no longer in the most beautiful place in the world because well we are still here šŸ™‚ We were lucky enough to find another house for rent up on the mountain back in August when we finally had enough of people coming to view the old place. We honestly did not think that we would be able to stay up here but we were blessed to find this place which not only has views that are even better than before but also wonderful landlords who just recently had us over for dinner to celebrate Christmas.
There have been many many photos taken so far which I will slowly share.

With the new move also came some more community spirit as well. Husband and I are now both a part of our Rural Fire Brigade (Husband has just completed his FM1 assessment so he is all qualified now) We have now met so many more people in our local area and made some new friendships which is something that we have not had up hee before now. We are lucky things are quiet on the fire front right now due to the wonderful rain we have now had but just a few weeks ago there were daily call outs so we shall keep everything crossed that this quietness continues.

So this really does not make my life sound like it has been that busy but there have been other things going on as well. We now have a wonderful vegetable garden and some fruit trees which our landlords were more than happy for us to set up. The fur/feathered/finned kids are all still creating chaos for us and just today we added to our zoo by purchasing 3 King Quail girls who will hopefully be a good addition to our group. Also in the near future some Japanese quail will be joining us as well.

Thats all from me tonight as my bed is calling me since its past midnight and there are lots of things to be done tomorrow.

I will ask for name ideas for the new quail girls though and if anyone has some good ideas I have some lovely things to send through as a reward so get your thinking caps on.

Ni Ni xoxo


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