Quiet time.

Its been another big week in the W-B household. Lots more learning going on at work with 3 days of formal orientation and workplace health and saftey training, funny thing though, on the first day sitting in incredibly uncomfortable chairs I managed to pull something or pinch something in my right shoulder blade. So Liz has not been a happy camper and has been sucking down the nurofen just to be able to work and use right arm. Had been hanging out for a massage at work today and I was not disappointed at all. Yes my work has someone come in fortnight to give massages so am very excited about this.

Hubby brought home a new mattress that was given to him for free by a supplier. The thing costs a fortune so we are attempting to use it for a week to see how we go. Am actually starting to like it now though but it is very different o what we are both used to.

I had a big weekend learning new things in the kitchen. I used yeast for the first time and made pizza bases, and then olive and Parmesan bread rolls. There is something very exciting about watching the dough come to life over and over again.
Also we made sushi! I had always been to scared to try this but it was a huge success and we will do it again for certain.
Then to use up the old bananas I made some banana bread which is/was very very yummy and healthy.

The big exciting thing though…. I went for a walk lol We went to the state park with the boys on Sunday and while hubby was off going for a run with Joey, Thomas and I did a beautiful walk through the forest. It was only 1km but for someone who had not done any exercise for more than 6 months it was freaking huge and was so proud of myself.
Am actually doing a weightloss journey with some incredibly wonderful women whom I love dearly. We are living so far away from each other but providing each other support and love and together we will all succeed.

Now for some photos.

OK photos are dead atm so will upload them tomorrow.

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