So slack.

I feel terrible because I am just so exhausted but so badly want to update this more often. I ahve not even been taking photos the last few days because my brain is fried I think.

There are 2 random notes though.

Yesterday at the shopping centre where I sit and wait for hubby each night there was a very serious bomb scare. 2 bags of gelignite (sp) were left in the car park not far from where I normally sit and wait for him each day. Yesterday I decided to go the other end of the shops because I wanted to browse the book store. I knew nothing about the bomb scare until hubby arrived and he showed me all of the police, then a friend sent me a msg making sure I was ok (and that I wasnt blowing anything up) Am very annoyed with how the centre dealt with this because even though nothing happened it was taken so freaking lightly its not funny. Half the centre (its not that big) was still unaware, and the other end had been evacuated but they were less than 100m from where the stuff was (idiots)

Other randomness… the day before this while driving home we see a girl of about 13/14 standing on the side of the road holding a hand made sign (cardboard from a box and nicko pen) firstly thought this was really strange because she was standing out of the big medical centre. OK so what was on the sign???

Jumping castle for sale.

So thats all for the moment. Will unjumble the old brain and write properly soon.


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