Head in the clouds.

Yesterday we had low cloud cover again which is something that we are very used to here now. Was the perfect day to curl up under the doona and work on the blanket for hubby while he was at work. So it was a very quiet valentines day in our house.

Tomorrow I start my new job which is a bit daunting but am very excited as well. So today will be spent finalising some bits and pieces around the house that I havent gotten around to and also doing some washing because when we are both working we are out of the house for 12hrs a day and we really dont want to do anything at night. Also I have my birthday afternoon gathering coming up on Saturday and will have to make sure everything in done for that as well.

Just a sneaky peak of the new blanket

Just a sneaky peak of the new blanket

Has been a somewhat busy week which has been good. Managed to get some baking done as well which was nice (although they did not really agree with me) and used them as a practice for the ones that I will be making for my birthday. They were very very yummy (pity my stomach didnt agree)

Banana Cupcake

Banana Cupcake

Its a gorgeous sunny day outside today so I should go and hang out the washing or I will have nothing to wear for my new job. Have plenty of house work to get done also and as well as a spreadsheet that needs updating for a andom Acts of Kindness group that we have on the VP forum (see Links to Love)

Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day and a lovely weekend.


One thought on “Head in the clouds.

  1. I just found this from your msn. I realized I hadn’t seen any entries from you for a long time on LJ.

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