Biscuits for beginners.

This morning my darling husband did some baking, jam drop biscuits to be exact. Having him do cooking is very strange for me because it means that I need to let go and just trust him (and really is it that hard to stuff up basic biscuits?) Well they were incredibly yum and just right for a quiet Sunday and will be nice for my morning tea on the veranda tomorrow.

Currently I am doing a decluttering challenge with a forum that I am a part of, given that it starts today (runs for the month of Feb) I thought I better start a list of things that should be done etc

Desk Corner 
I have a small area in the lounge room for my papers and other bits and pieces. I would like this area to be able to handle having craft as well. So I will be working on this section and also finding some interesting storage ideas as well.

Spare Room
Currently the wardrobe in here is unrecognisable and the bed is for the clothes that need to be folded. There are some very usable shelves in the wardrobe which could be better utilised. There is also a set of shelves in this room which are being wasted as well.

Everything is pretty much just thrown into different cupboards, the pantry is all over the place and the fridge requires a very good clean as well. Many of the containers and some other items found in the kitchen could be good for storage in other rooms around the house.

Bedside Table
This is a very small item that needs some work. Since its the last thing that I see each night and holds important items then it should be funtional yet pleasing to the eye.

I think the list is big enough for the moment, any more and it may become to daunting and then nothing will be done.


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